Big enough to serve you, small enough to love you

About the Pastor

Pastor Chalfant and his wifePastor Chalfant was born in Atchison, Kansas. He is retired from the USAF, having served in Japan, Germany, and in a number of different states. He was an NCO in the Intelligence field and a linguist. He gained two years of college in the European branch of the University of Maryland. He completed his degree in education at the University of Kansas in 1971, and taught high school in Kansas for ten years. He also has a doctorate from the International Bible Seminary of Plymouth, Florida. He is an accomplished author of historical studies and historical romance novels with Christian themes. He has a website at

He received the baptism in the Holy Spirit while a senior at KU in Lawrence, Kansas. He was baptized in Jesus’ Name in the United Pentecostal Church in Lawrence in 1971. He interned as a minister in training under Elder L.E. Westberg in Junction City, Kansas. He was elected pastor of the United Pentecostal Church at Council Grove, Kansas in 1979. He became an ordained minister in the United Pentecostal Church while pastoring a home missions church in Ottawa in 1982.

He was elected pastor of Truth Tabernacle Church, Leavenworth, KS, in 1984. He has attended numerous seminars, conferences, and training sessions down through the years. He has pastored and counseled for 36 years. He enjoys music, singing, and plays the piano for his own recreation.

His lovely wife, Ruth, was also born in Atchison. They were sweethearts in high school and married at the ages of 19 and 18 57 years ago. Ruth (nickname is Connie) is a competent, caring pastor’s wife. She is very artistic, is a portrait and landscape painter. She studied under the well known Kansas artist, the late Walter Yost, and also studied in Germany in oils. She has taught sewing and art to members of the church in the past.