Big enough to serve you, small enough to love you

At Truth Tabernacle, one is never really sure what to expect due to the spontaneity of worship and praise! However, dress ranges from formal (some on Sunday morning still like to dress up) to informal attire. We do respect the sanctuary of God but we are not judgmental, but most people are very respectful in their dress…but we understand and love people.

One thing that stands out about Truth Tabernacle is the sincere and open friendliness of the members. We are taught that visitors are one of our most important assets. Jesus wants us to be kind and friendly, and we believe we are!

Expect a fairly open and joyous group of worshipers! Truth Tabernacle loves to praise the Lord, to sing fervently, and to just enjoy ourselves in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ! Warm and friendly greeters will be at the door to welcome you and to shake your hand as they guide you to the sanctuary! There a welcoming hostess will have you fill out a visitor card if you like.

We have a kitchen and a fellowship hall sometimes breakfast is served on Sunday mornings before service with fellowship and enjoyment. Less advantaged children eat free.