Big enough to serve you, small enough to love you

This church (which is not perfect) nevertheless strives to believe the message of Jesus Christ and the apostles. We base our salvation first of all on our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior and our God. We understand that the only scriptural examples of anyone actually being saved after the foundation of the church on the Day of Pentecost (c. AD 33) are found in the Book of Acts. If we want an example of true scriptural salvation, let us look in there and not detract from the experience they received from the Lord Jesus Christ.

We understand that the Book of Acts must be seen in the context of the entire Bible. In the Book of Acts we see faith in Jesus Christ as our Savior, repentance (a turning away from sins and a turning towards God through Christ Jesus), water baptism by immersion in the saving name of Jesus Christ for the remission (the letting go off of or the washing away of) of sins, and the joyous infilling or baptism of the precious Holy Spirit (of Jesus Christ) with the scriptural evidence of speaking in tongues. These examples are seen in the Book of Acts, chapters two, eight, ten and nineteen. Our salvation should be the same as those in the days of the apostles, according to the Word of God through faith.

We cannot trust the dogma or religious confessions of subsequent generations, but rather our experience in the Lord must be based upon the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ as seen in the New Testament church experiences. We cannot rely upon subsequent teachings, which followed centuries later, such as the doctrine of three divine persons (not openly taught in scriptures because we hold that Jesus is God Almighty Himself as well as the Son of God), we do not believe in the sprinkling of babies, and in any rejection of the spiritual experiences seen in the Book of Acts. We see the salvation plan epitomized in Peter’s sermon on the first day of the church (Acts 2:38). Moreover, we see a vast difference between the life style of the apostles and the life style of many today, understanding that the Lord Jesus requires clean living to the best of our ability, not only in our inward lives but in our outward lives.